The Christmas quiz by Trampolinn

The Trampolinn Christmas quiz :

Christmas is coming and Trampolinn gives you the chance to win a special gift : 500 points on the website (approximately 1 night) ! How to win ? You just have to read our Christmas quiz (just below) and to answer to the questions by mail at this address : ! 10 winners will be drawn !

1. Christians in China call Santa Claus Dun Che Lao Ren, which means

a) Christmas Old Man

b) Winter Festival Spirit

c) Firecracker-Red Suit

2. The traditional Christmas fir tree is replaced in some homes by either bamboo or mango trees in which country?                                      

a) China

b) The Philippines

c) India

3. How many greeting cards are send each year in the UK ? (according to the Royal Mail)

a) 200 million

b) 500 million

c) 700 million

4. On what day do Mexican children traditionally receive presents during the Christmas holidays?

a) Dec. 12

b) Dec. 26

c) Jan. 6

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